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The images contained on this site reflect the scenery of Bonaire at the time the images were taken. Construction, weather, accidents, donkeys, people, iguanas, birds, and other natural and unnatural forces may have altered the areas in question since the images were taken. We therefore take no responsibility for the accuracy of such imagery at any point in time, other than the point in time at which the image was taken. All images containing people were taken in public locations, in full view of those people. Anyone finding themselves in one of our images who prefers not to be seen here on Virtual Bonaire should let us know, however, and we will digitally remove them (from the picture), providing they are right about being in the image and are recognizable.

Technical Stuff

Playing the 360° panoramic images requires either a Java enabled browser or QuickTime Player.

Most Web browsers are Java enabled unless:

  1. You or the person configuring it intentionally disabled Java - use your help system to figure out how to enable it again; or

  2. You have an early version of Windows XP or Internet Explorer 6 which did not include the Java run-time - in which case IE should prompt you to download the Java runtime module so you can use the Java-based BeHere Panoramic Viewer as soon as you request to use said Viewer..

You may obtain the QuickTime Player from Apple Computer Corp. by clicking here.

Please note we will not provide personal technical support for the use of this site. Should you have questions, please go to the Everything Else Bonaire section on BonaireTalk and ask for assistance there.


We accept advertising and more particularly, sponsors for various image pages. Sponsors receive a bold and broad mention on the pages they sponsor, including a description of their services and links to their Web site. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring an existing unsponsored page or wish to sponsor a new photo shoot. Sponsorships start at as little as US$60/year (two year commitment required at start). Individuals wanting to see more of Bonaire on this site are encouraged to become sponsors! We accept credit cards and PayPal!

Legal Stuff

Virtual Bonaire's content is copyrighted and may not be copied or used by any other Web site, company or individual without our express written permission.

In the event written permission is given, we require that any use of our 360 degree panoramic or our still images be accompanied by the following text similar to the following (you would be notified exactly who to attribute the copyright to for your request if approved):

Copyright © 2002-2003 by Jake Richter @

Please note that when you contact us to use any of our imagery, you must provide us with a description of how you intend to use the imagery, and we may charge a licensing for some uses. Certain uses, such as use as part of a newspaper or magazine article, are more likely to be approved, than are requests to duplicate our content on a competing Web site or include it on sites we don't want to be associated with (Gambling sites, sites with naughty bits on them, sites about Curacao, etc.).

Anything Else?

If there's anything we've not covered but you have questions about, relating to this site, please contact us.

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